Sunday, December 17, 2006

Winter Chills=Icy Thrills

Even though winter is here and the bass aren't biting, there is, as always, another active species. True, you could use a jig or a spoon, but the chances of catching a bass is close to that of having Donald Trump become YOUR apprentice. So for a surefire chance of catching, try what I call "frost-fishing." It's basically the same as ice-fishing, same tactics, same lures, same species, but down south in the Midwest, the pond/lake will get either really cold or some minute frosting over, just enough to still the water. Most of my waters just get really cold, and are shallow, so I use a flashy, small, and dull-colored bait like a Little George. I'll simply cast it out, jig it twice, wait, reel it in a bit, jig it twice, wait, reel in a bit, until I'm out of line. This really lets the flashy blade stand out and flutter. For added attraction, thread some live bait such as a mealworm onto the hook.

Hope this works, those who try!