Thursday, January 04, 2007

Positioning Feeders and Blinds

On leases with five or more feeders, wild turkey choose the ones that have the most cover, water, and are nearest to the roost. As you place your feeders, make sure you choose clearings where turkeys can feel secure and see fairly well.

Another good idea is to position the feeders near prime strutting grounds. Keep in mind that turkeys will often call and strut for hens near the roost, so spend a large amount of time simply observing the birds to find both the roost and the strutting fields.

Once you place one of your feeders in the prime location, pay attention to where you place your hunting blind. Although no site is perfect, attempt to place the blind in an area where you can observe turkeys approaching the feeder from a good distance off.

After you have determined this place, erect a wall of sticks near your blind. This will make it appear more natural. Also, if you allow the blind to stay there for several weeks before you hunt, the turkeys will become accustomed to its presence and will not not get spooked by it.

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